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Best Houston Band for Weddings and Parties - The Grooves

The Grooves have been a favorite of Houston bands for weddings and corporate parties since 1991. They play a great variety of hits including 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and current dance and are sure to strike the right mood for every Houston venue they perform in. So if you're looking to hire a Houston band to play at your wedding, corporate event, or other special occassion - be sure and book the best band available in Houston, Texas!

Read more about this popular live band and see them in action in their live video here on their Houston Bands page.

Houston Bands

Houston Live Music

Houston has some great live music venues, each with its own style and flare. We've put together this great list of venues complete with descriptions to help you find that perfect venue you've been looking for with the right style of music to suit your fancy. There are some great Houton bands out there and they are not to be missed!

Here are some of the best local hot spots to watch live bands in Houston, Texas:

Amazonia Discoteque

11449 North Fwy., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.260.9885
This venue specializes in Latin music and has both live bands and DJ's. If you like dancing to Salsa, Merengue, or any other style of Latin, then this venue is for you.


2604 Dunlavy, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.1993
This is a combo of coffee shop and cool bar and features a mix of music including world, ethnic, and DJ's. Poetry is also read from the tiny stage at times and the bar is nicely stocked with beer and wine. No hard liquor though.

Bungalo 8 Nightclub

1463 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.570.9801
The Bungalo is a sports bar with a live rock music theme. During the end of the week this bar gets slammed with hard partiers and the live music going on makes this a top notch hang out for being in the middle of the action.


4100 Montrose, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.9621
This venue features Jazz acts from all over and draws in lovers of Jazz from all across the city. From time to time this venue will also book other styles such as Latin Jazz and swing style music to bring a different twist to the table.

Club Riddims

8220 West Bellfort, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.779.0033
This club brings in the Rasta crowd with house style music as well as hip hop and the live bands on the weekends rock the house. They also book some awesome DJ's to get this dance club thumping and the dance floor packed.

Continental Club

3700 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.529.9899
This club adds a retro flare and you will see rockabilly punk bands and lounge acts galore. Most of the band that play here are the hip local bands and you can always find a cool crowd to hang out with here.

Cosmos Café

69 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.802.2144
This place is mostly a restaurant and the great food is mostly the attraction but they also dish up some great rock and pop bands as well from time to time. This joint has a creative menu and is worth checking out while you enjoy one of the hip local bands.

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

1031 E. 24th St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.862.8707
This bar packs in the Johnny Six Pack crowd who venture in to get their fix of all styles of live bands including roots, blue grass, country and rock. If you like guitars, you can also check out Dan Electro's collection of git fiddles on display at the bar.

Dean's Credit Clothing

316 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.227.3326
Looking for a new set of duds? Then get fitted when you jam to your favorite band. Yes, this place is a combo clothing store and live music venue. It has to be see to be believed.

El Pueblito

1423 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.6635
This live band venue features food from Guatemala and Mexico and books live bands, solo artists, and trios in the Latin flare. This is a great atmosphere to blend with the food and is truly a unique experience.

Fat Cat's

4216 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.869.5263
This bar used to be called Mary Jane's and still has a lot of the some local yocals and young people comming in here that they did when it was Mary Jane's. The building has been fixed up and the PA system has been upgraded to lend an improvement in the sound of the bands. Beers and custom drinks are the requested fare here and you can always relax with a cold one in this laid back atmosphere.


2706 White Oak Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.862.3838
This is the most popular live music venue in Houston and has been around for decades. Some of the most popular bands in Houston play here and you can catch any style you like from country to hard rock to funk to reggae. The crowd is a mix of all walks of life from punks to rednecks to skaters.

Forgetta'bout It Sports Bar

13245 Jones Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.807.4116
This is a hard rock sports bar which lends itself with contact sports that are projected on the big screens in this cool Houston sports bar. You can catch some great touring acts hear as well and if a game of eight ball is your thing, you can go in the back for pool and games.

Gallant Knight

2337 W. Holcombe Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.665.9762
Looking like a low light hole in the wall, this bar is actually a great live band venue for R & B. This venue has been here for ages and is a really cool place to meet friends for a brew and some live music.

Howling Coyote

6536 FM 1960, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.444.3401
If you like live blues bands, then this Houston live venue is the one for you. There are always local blues bands featured and occasionally you will find a big name band as well on the stage. The folks that work here are really cool and down to earth and provide great service.

Jax Grill

1613 Shepherd, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.861.5529
This cool joint has some really good BBQ and the beer is always cold. The featured music is Zydeco so if you dig the squeeze box, put on a brand new shirt and head on out to this cool venue.

Last Concert Café

1403 Nance, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.226.8563
If you're looking for an out of the ordinary live band club then this one is surely to tickle your fancy. They have live bands every night of the week featuring all styles of music from rock to blues to world style bands.

McGonigel's Mucky Duck

2425 Norfolk St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.5999
This is one of the cool Celtic bars in the Houston live band scene and they feature Celtic folk, blues, many other styles of Celtic to add a rich musical vein to your daily live music appetite. The Celtic food there is awesome and quite authentic. Grab a boxti and an Irish ale and enjoy the sounds of Ireland.


1503 Chartres St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.1717
This live music venue sometimes has acts touring across the country and is just a plain good bar to hang in with your pals and visit while you watch some great Houston bands. If you want a break from the loud music then you can always go in the back room and play pool.

Mr. A's

3409 Cavalcade, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.675.2319
A great live music venue, Mr. A's is also a great lounge style bar to hang out at. Types of bands that this place books are very diverse and you can hear everything from jazz to blues to rock acts blasting their wares from the stage.


300 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.8338
This old watering hole has been a staple of live music afficianados for years on the Houston scene. This venue features houston local bands, touring acts and an eclectic blend of music from rock, to jam to funk.

Remington Bar (St. Regis Hotel)

1919 Briar Oaks Ln., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.840.7600
This is a bar inside the St. Regis Hotel and features Jazz music.

Rudyard's British Pub

2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.0521
This is a Brit bar and has great bar food and live music on the weekends. This bar features indie bands and alternative rock bands mostly and you can always catch a good entertaining band here.

Sam's Concert Pub

5636 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.785.7267
Sam's has some great gulf seafood and always pleases with great cover bands mostly in the rock vein. This hotspot is popular with the young people and the beer is cold and bar fully stocked.

The Axiom

2524 McKinney, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.8443
This bar is a punk bar that specializes in indie punk, live rock bands, and is doing a great job at bringing back the punk and rock scene to Houston. You can always catch the up and coming local indie rock and punk band at this hip venue.

The Big Easy

5731 Kirby, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.523.9999
The Big Easy in Houston is a rocking blues club that offers up to patrons local live music acts seven nights a week. The Big Easy, modeled after the blue-collar drinking and music holes of New Orleans, packs more than enough soul and down home drink fueled rocking party style into an intimate spot that seems at odds with its' more gentrified neighbors.

The Engine Room

1515 Pease St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.654.7846
New bands abound in this rockin' live music venue and you can also catch a national touring act as well. The brew selection is mostly Johnny Sixpack america featuring crap and crap light but the cocktails pack a nice punch. Most of the bands are really good cover bands but original artists can be heard there as well.

The Firehouse Saloon & Eatery

5930 SW Freeway, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.977.1962
Sporting the name of the popular old Kiss song, this live music venue dishes up some live bands in the rock and country vein. This joint gets packed and is a very popular place for live music goers.

The Shakespeare Pub

14129 Memorial Dr. Ste E, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.497.4625
This cool bar is always free admission and features blues bands, a touch of zydeco and books live bands 4 nights a week. This club is cool to hang out and watch a local band and drink a cold one.

Walter's on Washington

4215 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.864.2727
This live band bar features bands in the vein of rock, country, blues and other assorted flavors. You can shoot pool, have a cold one and rock out to your favorite bands at this local neighborhood style bar.


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Houston Bars

The Houston bar scene is as diverse as the clientele that can be found there and each bar has a theme and feel of its own. Check out our great list of Houston bars complete with descriptions to find that bar you've been looking for to quence that might thirst of yours.

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Top 10 Local Houston Bands

We have put together a listing of what believe are the Top 10 Local Houston bands. As you are planning your next night out, be sure and check to see if one of these Hot Houston area favorites are playing and be sure to check them out!

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